Swept Away

Flow of Time - geraldh
Flow of Time – geraldh

The flow of time pulls me along.

Relentless and unremitting.

Redundant, I know.

But that’s my life.

Every day is the same,

Going somewhere yet going nowhere.

Friends and foes pass me,

Going somewhere unlike my nowhere.

Slapping my back as they go by –

All bright smiles and sparkling eyes.

The stinging imprints left behind

Spurs my dragging feet into a panicked sprint.

‘Wait!’ – But they wait not.

‘Don’t leave me behind.’

My voice, a whisper, reaches no one –

Like my feet reaches nowhere.

The distance between us increases

And it becomes clear that where they are going

I cannot follow.

Empty and directionless,

The flow of time sweeps me away –

Along with the memories of a world

That once was.

– N


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