To Hate Is to Love, To Love Is To Hate

I loved you and hated you,

Just like you loved me

And Hated me,

With bitter tears

And tender kisses –

Honey mixed with poison.

The nectar of death

Already fast at work

Brings death at the end of Life.

And your eyes, unsurprising,

Reflects the knowledge

Of what has come to pass.

As our lips part,

So do our heart.

For as we loved, we hated

And as we lived, so we shall die.

Now that our time has ended,

We cry even as we laugh.

The pretense has fallen away

Along with our shackles.

Poisoned lips settled in a smile

More gentle than we have ever worn.

And in the dark with just candlelight

And looming shadows,

The silent kiss of Death

Steals us away.

Victims, we are –

Of our own twisted love.

— N


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