Mischief Unmanaged

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS – JULY 3rd, 2015: “Mischief Unmanaged”


PHOTO PROMPT – © Jean L. Hays

“Dee, I’ve got a brilliant idea!” – was what started this. Now here I stood, in a garage large enough to fit another house, with a can of spray paint in my hand.

“This is Thor’s, isn’t it?” I asked chuckling.

Loki answered, “Up for a game of car darts, Dionysus?”

“You’re on!”

Days later, the outraged roar of Thor resounds from the scrying mirror where Loki and I watched the spectacle unfold.

“You saw beardy’s face?!”

“LOOOOOOKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!” My impersonation sends Loki in hysterics, choking on the wine. “I’LL KILL YOUUUUUU!!!!”

“S-stop! Never saw his face so… purple(?) before!” Loki pants.


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