Never Free

Sunday Photo Fiction – July 5th 2015

Title: Never Free

Words: 220

The Waterfront in Cumbria, along with exact location

It was aimless wandering that took him to The Waterfront – or so Ryley would like to believe.

‘The end of the road is The Waterfront, 54⁰ 33⁰ North 03⁰ 35⁰ West.’

Ryley shook his head to dismiss the memory of the old woman from earlier that morning.

‘Find it and you’ll be free.’

Ryley laughed wryly as he kicked a nearby rock into the still water. Free? Him? Never. His shackles can’t be easily gotten rid of, even if he died. That is what it means to make a deal with the Seelie, the most powerful creatures to exist alongside Humans.

‘Would you escape if you could?’ A voice whispers besides his ear.

Would he? Maybe, maybe not.

“You’re such an indecisive fellow.” This time the voice is louder, carrying subtle irritation.

“That’s because I knew it was you whispering to me, Lars.” Ryley replied shifting his gaze to where a dark haired faerie hovered over the water surface.

“You know that the only way is to become one of the Unseelie.” Lars responded holding out his hand. “Come on. It’ll be fun.”

Ryley studied Lars for a moment before reaching out and grabbing the extended hand. Lars eyes widened for a moment but then he grinned, pulling Ryley below the water surface – replacing the old shackles with new ones.

— N


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