Carnival For The Wicked

Photo Challenge #69, Illumine, July 14, 2015

Title: Carnival For The Wicked

— 5Letters

Hey! Come dance with us!
Throw off your heavy burdens —
Abandon them to the wind.
Grab the closest person,
Twirl and swirl with them
Among the glowing lanterns
Strung up in the air as if by magic,
Lighting all the branches
With an ethereal glow.

Come, have your fortunes read
By the powerful witch of old.
Look how she beckons, like a gypsy
From yon’ stripped tent.
And in her cat eyes she held
A world of promises untold.
Play your cards right
And that curvaceous beauty
You just might bed.

Come! Take a ride upon the Ferris wheel!
Pay your fees at the booth!
Look up into the glowing sky
Or look down upon the gyrating forms —
Shadows and shapes blending together,
Clapping, dancing and singing in joy.
For this is the Carnival for the Wicked —
Something you’ve never experienced before.

— N


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