Dionysus’s Irritation

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS – JULY 17th, 2015: “Dionysus’s Irritation”


PHOTO PROMPT- © Sandra Crook

Dionysus cannot understand why Zeus deemed it necessary for the Gods (and Goddesses) to study the foolish humans’ history. After all, they had witnessed all the events as they unfolded.

“This is absurd.” Dionysus mutters, loosening his school uniform’s tie.

In front of the class, the human teacher drones on about some war. The picture of the stone building had captured his attention for a bit – a cathedral located in Dijon, France.

“It’s not that bad.” Apollo says.

“You’re such a daddy’s boy.”

When Dionysus finds whoever instigated Zeus into sending them to Humans’ school, it will not be pretty.

Thank you for reading,

— N


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