Emotionlessly Emotional

Brigit’s Flame Writing Community


TITLE: Emotionlessly Emotional

WORD COUNT: 350 words

From a young age Shane knew he was different from his family. He didn’t fit with their ice cold perfection. Where they were graceful like swans on a lake, he was as clumsy as a newborn babe.

At first, they chalked it up to his early age. Perhaps he hadn’t developed properly yet. But as time went by, their gaze became hawk-like and he knew they were waiting for a slip-up. He couldn’t let that happen, not in this time, not in this life and especially not in this community.

Eryne Sanctuary, where he lived, was the headquarters of Psychics (or Psy, for short) everywhere in the world. The psy were strong and beautiful but most importantly of all, they do not feel – they had no emotions. To show emotion was to be weak and so long ago, the Psy ancestors discovered a method to suppress their emotions.

Anyone discovered with emotions were sent to a special facility where they undergo special training. No one knew what this special training was but Shane had seen the results of those training. He had watched healthy, lively Psys get taken away and the few that returned were like machines – cold and empty, shells of their former self.

He wanted no part of that and so he held himself together, building thick walls of ice – a shield to prevent others’ eyes from looking too long and seeing too much. And he acted out his façade well, until the slip-up came.

He had been careless, the day Spike, his pet dog, died. He hadn’t been able to watch them kill Spike without flinching. The tears had flown freely and by the time he tried to regain his composure, it had been too late. His dog was dead and soon so would he.

His parents watched him leave without a crack in their cool exterior. He cursed them in his heart. An anomaly he was and as anomaly he shall die. He pities them as the poison overtakes his body. He didn’t need fixing. He was perfect just the way he was, emotions and all.


Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to check out my entry A Lonely Pain for week 2 and vote for me please if you like HERE.

— N


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