The Snotty Muse


TITLE: The Snotty Muse

WORD COUNT: 165 words

It was a scene straight out of a fairy tale: the green foliage, the pink flowers, and the water falls – oh the waterfalls! It was all so charming, fluttering lightly in the cool spring breeze. The cutest little adjoining bridge allows the tourist to experience the breathtaking view closer.

Yes, closer. Ever closer.

The sunlight reflecting off of the rushing water and the droplets on the greenery sparkles like diamonds.

Yes, blind them. You like diamonds, eh. Greedy little cunts.

The roar of the water hitting the rocks as the drop ends drowns out the excited conversations.

I bet it’s nothing worth hearing anyways. Some old bags talking about what a good idea it was to—

“Oh would you shut up!” I say in exasperation.

Well what’s got your panty in a knot?

“You’re never there when I need you and when you are around, you’re even more useless!”

Hmph. Ungrateful brat.

“The nerve!” I fumed, striking viciously at my keyboard as I resumed writing.



Eh…well….this started out to be something about a mermaid, perhaps, looking at a scenery she randomly happened across after having gotten caught up in a tsunami or something…. somewhere along the lines it became like this instead… Oh well…

Also as some of you may know (if you read my about me) and if you don’t know, now you will… I’m somewhat of an otaku. So when I go to type ‘fairytale’ I typed Fairytail instead… Mashima sensei look what you’ve done.


Brigit’s Flame Writing Community is hosting their July Month-o-Minis and yours truly has entered my humble piece “Emotionlessly Emotional” for the week 3. Voting is now open, so if you think that my entry is satisfying, kindly vote for me by clicking ⇒here

Also check out “An Unlikely Love” and “Prophesied“. As always critiques are very much welcome~ Seriously COMMENT! I want to hear from all you lovely people~^^

Thank you for reading.

— N


14 thoughts on “The Snotty Muse

  1. I know that argument so well! Take care you don’t strike your keyboard so hard you put in permanently out of action! A great take on the prompt. Millie


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