Woe Be The Lovers

TITLE: Woe Be The Lovers

WORD COUNT: 100 words

‘Is this the end for us?’ Jermaine wonders as the water swirls around them.

Shianne is muttering with her hands together. Jermaine is sure that she’s praying.

Despite everything, she still had faith in God. He didn’t share her faith. Especially not after being betrayed by the men he once called brothers and the Church.

The water level continues to rise. Soon it’ll complete submerge the cell.

If he’s going to die because he fell in love, then he’s going to die loving his woman!

Jermaine grabs Shianne and kisses her, cutting off her prayers—it won’t help them anyways.


Originally posted on Flash!Friday as part of the Warmup Wednesday… Thank you for reading.

— N


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