Flying Free

Sunday Photo Fiction – October 4th 2015

TITLE: Flying Free

WORD COUNT: 200 words

I drift along this cobblestone path, directionless as the auburn leaves resting there and dancing around me. They move according to the whims of the wind and I to the whims of everyone. How I envy those leaves.

A gust of wind rustles through, lifting the scattered ones into the air and snatching others from their attachments. I look up, wondering when my wind will blow to lift me up and away from my chains. Surely there must be one out there for me.

I keep moving, dragging my hefty baggage, when a particularly raucous wind shoves at me from behind. I stumble forward but my ties pull me in the opposite direction. That constant tug-o-war I have grown accustomed to.

A song dances upon the wind, inviting my freedom — or maybe it’s just a blaring horn. I turn to greet the player, my shackles giving a frightful clamor. My wind has come at last. The burdens are put down and my soul bleeds free. At last! At long last, I am free to swim among the leaves in this formless, colorless ocean.

The wind rises up with a roar, taking the autumn leaves and I on a whimsical ride.


Thank you for reading,

— N


11 thoughts on “Flying Free

  1. I especially love this line, “My wind has come at last. The burdens are put down and my soul bleeds free.” Loved that he/she was finally released from the chains that kept them from being free. Wonderful story.

    Liked by 1 person

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