Exploration Target: Île Mort

Mondays Finish the Story – October 5th, 2015

TITLE: Exploration Target: Île Mort

WORD COUNT: 150 words

“Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.” Jehan said, staring at the old map before him. “And even fewer knew of its location map.”

Melisande peered over his shoulder, frowning as she spied the words written atop the aged, delicate parchment.

“Castle for the Doomed?”

Melisande hailed from a dying clan that taught the old letters. Armed with this knowledge, the map discovery was easy. However, she never thought Jehan would seriously try to reach the place.

Now here they were on his shiny boat heading for Île Mort—Death Island.

“Doesn’t sound like someplace we should go exploring, Jehan,” She added.

“Sounds exactly like somewhere we should explore.” Jehan insisted.

She couldn’t comprehend his feverish excitement. They were, undoubtedly, heading towards certain death.

Before she could press her case further, the announcement came that they had reached.

“We’re doomed.” Melisande grabbed her head.

She had also been taught the old history. None who entered came out.


Thank you for reading.

— N


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