Symphony for Lost Souls

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers; FFfAW – Week of 03-01-2016

TITLE: Symphony for Lost Souls

WORD COUNT: 172 Words


I wander the night, searching for the wind that will take me to a place that I belong. But there is no wind. There never is. Just the dark sky and looming clouds—a perfect mirror of my future.

Several drunken calls and whistles follow me as I go by, heels clicking on concrete. I pay them no heed. My wind will not come from there, of that I am certain.

My feet keep walking, destination still unknown—just like every other night. But then the unexpected happens. From the park a few feet ahead, the sound of a guitar reaches my ears.

Hastening over I found him sitting before a blaze, head bent and fingers dancing. The melody strikes my heart, twining with my own sense of loss. I gasp and he looks up, eyes like hellfire. The trees rustles and I take a seat opposite of him, staring at each other. Whatever he saw brings a wry smile to his lips and he resumes playing the symphony of lost souls.


Thank you for reading.



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