Flower of Paradise

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers; FFfAW – Week of 09-22-2015

TITLE: Flower of Paradise

WORD COUNT: 148 Words

photo prompt is provided by Graham Lawrence

She came often to this little garden she called her slice of paradise; flourishing with bright colors and life.

Sometimes she brought her easel and replicated Mother Nature’s serenity. Other times, she came with her hose and lovingly tended to us. On those good days, she was always happy as she mothered us and painted.

There were also dark, frightening days. Either she spent excessive amounts of time away or just sat on the ground with thunderstorms looming over her head. On those days she bared her soul to us and we attempted to console her with our perfume.

During one of those days, she struck a deal with Mother Nature to become a flower when she died. And so upon her death bed, Mother Nature gave her a new home among us in her beloved garden where she paints and laughs with us in this unchanging paradise.


Thank you for reading.



39 thoughts on “Flower of Paradise

  1. I enjoyed the story being told by the flowers. The flowers and the human had such a sweet and loving relationship. It is a little bittersweet at the end with the human dying and becoming a flower. A very lovely and enjoyable story! Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge!

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  2. Pretty!
    I really liked it. Maybe because I’m feeling a bit gloomy myself this week (although roses would not really help, as their smell actually bothers me more than soothes me. maybe some wild flowers would do… ;o)

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  3. I liked the different aporoach of the story telling from the point of view of flowers. She loved and shared her feelings with Nature and rightly belonged to the verdant garden. Beautiful story.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Really nice take on prompt Nafeeza!
    Your description of the whole scene is perfect. I can smell the fragrance of flowers 🙂
    The ending not only makes me sad but also brings smile on my face 🙂

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